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Towerstapleng specializes in sales and supply of building materials and services. We are focused on providing building owners and builders with variety of building materials with the best quality; we also get the best hands to handle the jobs in areas where artisans are needed. With our wealth of experience in real estate and a good network of specialist engineers and artisans, we provide our clients with the best building materials and services, and we have them delivered to site, thereby abating any kind of stress.

At Towerstapleng our core values are integrity, diligence and commitment to optimum customer satisfaction, because to us CUSTOMER IS KING!

               VISION STATEMENT

Our vision is to be the number one choice for builders and building owners in sourcing for quality construction materials and services in Nigeria.


                 MISSION STATEMENT

 Our mission is to avail our customers satisfaction in the procurement of building materials and services with the best quality that meets national standards at a competitive price without stress.


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